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ZIGZAGZ | About 

My name is Renée and I live in Queensland Australia working as a scrub nurse in the operating theatre. I love sewing and my particular interest is sewing operating theatre scrub hats. These surgical scrub caps are made from 100% cotton fabric,made by me in a smoke free home. The vibrant colours of my theatre scrub caps will brighten the days behind the operating theatre walls!

For patients big and small the operating theatre can be a daunting experience. My scrub hats can make the difference! Bright and beautiful to put a smile on their faces and lighten the mood!

My theatre scrub caps come in many different colours with delightful patterns to suit and please all tastes, men and women alike. The scrub hats are suitable from short hair to long hair. The ribbon or toggle can be fastened to your own liking.

I also embroider custom made theatre scrub hats as well. These scrub caps can have any caption of your liking, I aim to please! It can even have a picture embroidered on it! How good is that! Personalized scrub hats!

On the list I put together, please have look at who can benefit or make use of my scrub caps.You can email me with thoughts, requests or orders.

Happy scrubbing!


The Caps i sew can be used in the following categories:


  1.    Scrub/Scout nurses
  2.    Anaesthetic personnel
  3.    Central Sterilizing Department
  4.    Surgical Care
  5.    Recovery
  6.    Endoscopy
  7.    Catheter Lab personnel
  8.    Surgeons / doctors
  9.    Anaesthetists
  10.    Maternity personnel
  11.    Chef / kitchen staff
  12.    Nursing Home nurses
  13.    Cancer patients
  14.    Veterinarians
  15.    Motorcyclists
  16.    Children’s dress up parties
  17.    Nursery school plays

I also take special orders to embroider personal names on the caps.